Step 1: Download MongoDB.


Step 2: Install Mongo DB ->  Installation Window


Step 3: Build Folder structure.


Create folders DB and Log in data folder.



Step 4: configure log path and db path from command line.

The command window is opened as Administrator (recommended).

Note: The path should match where the mongo dB installed in step-2.


Step 5: execute mongd.exe at specified db path which is configured earlier in previous step.

Note: The path should match where the mongo dB configured in step-4.


Step 6: After executing the mongod.exe. Open new command window / terminal

Create a service by using the sc.exe.

Note: The path should match where the mongo dB configured in step-4.

If the command terminal is not Administrator it gives error.

Normal mode.


Administrator mode.


Step 7: After Successfully created service, it should start.


Step 8:Mongo DB is CUI (Character user Interface) any db commands will run thru terminal.

For these GUI Tool (MONGOVUE) is available, this is trail version downloaded for demo purpose and installed.


GUI View.



Step 9: Integration with site core.

For this create VS solution / existing solution which you want to integrate mongo DB.

Open ConnectionStrings.config add connecting string as shown below



Step 10: Do the general process like after working on remaining like layouts, sub layouts or Controllers and views publish the VS solution.

Note: After publish the changes will impact in MongoDB analytics/Interactions based on timeout property / attribute which is in web.config (default is 20 min)


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