TDS (Team Development for Sitecore) makes developer job easy when you’re working with Sitecore. It’s sync all Sitecore data (Content items) among the developers so that everyone is having latest in their local dev. environment. But few clients may not be interested to purchase the license that makes developer job more complex.

Every time you need to give package for your content changes and have to install your colleagues Sitecore packages.

I was impressed with approach what my colleagues implemented in one of the projects

All developers are working in local environment and using the shared network so they installed SQL in one of developers machine and all developers db connections are pointed to single SQL DB

So this way, every content change will be saved in common SQL DB and every one is working on latest.

Kudos to TEAM! Hope you liked the approach.

Update: You don’t have a flexibility to work/ multiple publishes as everyone using shared db. I would suggest to take DB backup for every one week.

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